Thani integrative Retreat Center located in Cusco Peru, we look for help people along the world that suffer different kind of problems: emotional, psychological,mental, etc. like anxiety,depression,some kind of addictions: alcohol, tobacco, etc. using natural plantas such as ayahuasca, chacruna,coca leaves, flowerings. our retreat are based in care and love, during our ayahuasca ceremonies the healer shaman leads you to find your truly path praying and singing icaros. After our ayahuasca ceremonies you will be able to find the way that how you can change a live of pains,life of suffering, days of stress based on routine days or attitudes dominated by egoism and proud. in this world and they don't allow you to grow into: love, peace, happiness, harmony and wisdom. To be spiritual and psychological in nature.

Thani Ayahuasca retreat in peru, is a clinic of integrative medicine integrated by experienced healer shamans and qualified professional that have an objective, heal people around over world using natural medicines such as “Ayahuasca” or "San Pedro"

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