Ayahuasca & Medical Support

Ayahuasca ceremonies are safe but people need guidance and support to enjoy it, especially if this is the first time, the problem is that not all people can drink the medicine, we take a medical examination to recognize the dose that each organism needs according to the level of connection that the patient needs.

The ceremonies of Ayahuasca can serve for a spiritual deep connection with ourselves, connection with the mother nature, energy cleansing or simply to find peace, happiness, or harmony. At Shamanic Vine, we use Ayahuasca sessions as a curative and sacred therapy to heal high levels of anxiety, depression, sadness, stress, discomfort.

Our health personnel supervises our ceremonies seeking the goal of healing. Not everybody could participate in the ceremonies, people suffering from epilepsy, heart problems, schizophrenia, etc. they cannot participate. People from other countries who want to participate are not fully adapted to high areas such as the city of Cusco, that is why an oxygen saturation test allows us to determine if we could include oxygen for the retreat or provide to the patient an small dose of ayahuasca according to their conditions. Problems like soroche(high disease) are very common in foreigners, that is why A medical evaluation allows us to find a problem before and during the ceremonies so that we can find a solution and that the patients could enjoy the fullness of their retirement.

Our health personnel do basic medical examinations and request important information through a medical form:

Vital signs

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Breathing frequency
  • Temperature

With all this information, we prepare a ceremony individually to give you the best comfort and the best experience of your life.

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