We have created our retreats trying to cover all the needs of our patients, you could find private retreats, economic retreats and customizable retreats.

7 days - Ayahuasca Retreat with Machu picchu journey

If you have the oportunity to be along time in cusco you could take this oportunity to clean yourself or heal diferent kind of deseases (emotional,spiritual,mental) and visit one of the new 7 wonders Machu Picchu....

$1097.00 USD Group*

5 days - Ayahuasca Retreat

Specially to people with deep kind of problems like anxiety,stress,traumatic experiences,addictions to alcochol, etc.
you could have the oportunity to participate in 3 ayahuasca intense session...

$850.00 USDGroup*

3 Days - Ayahuasca Retreat

this healing retreat looks for determinate the solutions to your healthy condition,you will be able to find the way that how you can change a live of pains,change a life of suffering into a peaceful and happiness...

$490.00 USDGroup*

2 Days - Ayahuasca Retreat

This ayahuasca retreat is recomended for first time ayahuasca patients, who want to know the power of this natural medicine, in the first day the patient will experience this magical ceremony with ayahuasca and leaded by the healer shaman ...

$320.00 USDGroup*

Full Day - Ayahuasca Retreat

this Ayahuasca retreat is specially planned to people tha have a short time in cusco, this full day experience will show you how ayahuasca medicine works and it will help you to discover yourself...

$230.00 USDGroup*

Only Ayahuasca ceremony

if you want to experience this amazing retreat and you dont hav enough time, this retreat is for you. enjoy the ancestral ayahuasca ceremony in just 5 hours.

$180.00 USDGroup*

Ayahuasca and San pedro retreat 8 Days

One of the most beautiful retreats including ayahuasca and san pedro in their respective natural environments the jungle and highlands, 2 locations

$995.00 USDGroup*

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