San Pedro or Wachuma Ceremonies

Ayahuasca and Wachuma 8 days

this is one of our best retreats which provide to our patients the most intense ceremonies in the most beautiful natural places: ayahuasca in the Jungle and san pedro in highlands included in an great itinrary with realxing therapies such as Baths in Hotsprings, massage, tour, yoga, and more...

$1390.00 USDGroup*

San Pedro retreat 2 days

This Magical session let patients connect with the Pachama Mama (mother earth- Nature) who will show different experience about the environement where would be performed this ceremony. you have the opportunity to feel your pure energy in connection with the nature and become part of this wachuma help us understand that everybody is a part of the universe, this brew is made of a cactus called Wachuma...

$390.00 USDGroup*

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